The grand finale of the XI International Piano Competition Campillos

The grand finale of the XI International Piano Competition in Campillos will feature the presence of the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Malaga

The Town Hall of Campillos, through its Department of Culture and Education, has launched the ‘XI International Piano Competition Campillos.’ This event will be held in the auditorium of the I. E. S. ‘Camilo José Cela’ from 6 to 10 December 2017 and pianists of any nationality and without limitation of age. Participation will not be allowed to the winners of the First Prize of the previous editions and to official or private students of the members of the jury at present or with an antecedence of up to two years. The main novelty of this edition will be the presence in the grand final of the contest of the Provincial Symphonic Orchestra of Malaga, which will increase the depth and prestige of this already consolidated piano competition.
For this reason, this year only three contestants will enter the final and each of them will perform a concert for piano and orchestra among those selected by the organization of the contest.

‘One more year we maintain our intention to continue incorporating improvements and making this important international piano competition an event of higher pianistic and musical level.
The presence of the orchestra in the final will give it a greater relevance and elevates it to the height of competitions that enjoy an international prestige that is well recognized ‘, explains the Councilor for Culture, María Isabel Domínguez.

The competition will consist of a pre-selection, a first phase, a semifinal and a final test, the last three of a public nature. The registration deadline for the competition will remain open until October 20. For pre-selection, each contestant must send a link to a video recording on YouTube with a performance of their own. During the first phase, which will reach a maximum of


Magazine 2016

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Cartel V Campillos Chamber Music Festival


Selected Contestants

X Campillos International Piano Competition 2016


Nombre / NamePaís / CountryEdad / Age
1AKABOSHI, KanaJapón / Japan25
2BALTANÁS MELIVEO, ÁlvaroEspaña / Spain24
3CAMPOS MENDOZA, ÁngelEspaña / Spain27
4CHANG, Hyelee ClaraCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea28
5CHOI, Christina Hyun-ahCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea30
6DUBOVSKY, LeoEstonia / Estonia23
7EBINA, HarukaJapón / Japan25
8FUKUDA, YokoJapón / Japan30
9GARZILLO, Pier CarmineItalia / Italy21
10GREGOIRE SPIERKEL, Noëlle ElisabethEspaña / Spain25
11GUSACHENKO, GalynaUcrania / Ukraine24
12HONG, YujinCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea22
13HOVHANNISYAN, DavitArmenia / Armenia21
14HWANG, Ye ChinCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea24
15IUDENKO, MariiaUcrania / Ukraine24
16KAWA, MateuszPolonia / Poland21
17KHARRASOVA, RinaRusia / Russia24
18KIM, EunjiCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea26
19KIM, SoobinCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea23
20KIM, WoojinCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea25
21KLÜSER, Max PhilipAlemania / Germany22
22KOSYAKOV, RomanRusia / Russia23
23KOYAMA, SoshiJapón / Japan24
24KUDINA, DaryaRusia / Russia22
25KULIKOVA, PolinaRusia / Russia25
26KULOW, MarynaBielorrusia / Belarus28
27LEE, Jung AhCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea29
28LEUNG, EdwardEstados Unidos / United States22
29MALTSEV, AleksandrRusia / Russia30
30MORENO IGLESIAS, Juan EmilioEspaña / Spain26
31MOUSOURA, NefeliGrecia / Greece27
32NABATA, AyumiJapón / Japan28
33PARK, KyoungsunCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea24
34PEREIRA, Pedro EmanuelPortugal / Portugal26
35PIEKUT, GustavDinamarca / Denmark21
36PROKHOROVA, ValeriyaRusia / Russia23
37PUDINOV, AlexeyAlemanya / Germany27
38SAKAMAKI, TakahikoJapón / Japan24
39SAVELLA, TristanEstados Unidos / United States24
40SHIM, GeunsuCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea27
41SHIROKOV, AlexanderRusia / Russia23
42SZYMANOWSKI, Michal KarolPolonia / Poland28
43TANG, LujiaChina / China18
44TANG, StephanieEstados Unidos / United States22
45TSULIMOVA, MariaRusia / Russia22
46VALYAEV, VadimRusia / Russia24
47VIEILLARD PANTOJA, Manuel Andres ArielFrancia / France24
48YAO, ChengchengChina / China25
49YEH, SeanEstados Unidos / United States24
50JOON, YonjoonCorea del Sur / Republic of Korea23


Welcome to the new website of the Campillos International Piano Competition



We are very proud of celebrating our 10th anniversary. We hope we all will enjoy this new and attractive website design expecting your participation in this blog providing your feedback or suggestions.

This year, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, there will be many interesting news appearing in this website. Without any doubt it will be a very special and different edition.The ten years of piano history in Campillos has left us unforgettable moments. We have great memories from each single edition. Now you can remember many moments by visiting ‘historic’ where you will find a big gallery of photos.

There have been more than 500 pianists from countless countries of the 5 continents during the 10 years of history. Some of them are enjoying a big career peforming in the most prestigious halls of the world and bearing our name in their biographies. We hope that all of them, without exception, had a nice and positive experience while taking part in our context.

I also hope that the audience have enjoyed live performances of a Beethoven sonata, a Chopin Ballade or an Albaniz Iberia, performed by pianists from all over the world using the same universal language of music.

We wish that the 10th Edition will be as successful as the previous ones and above all, we look forward to celebrating it with all of you.

With best regards,

Juan Lago